Sunday, October 30, 2005

Relatively Random Bits

It's another hard frost morning. I like crunching through the grass on my way to the hen house. The chickens seem to be adapting to their first experience of cold nights. The hens are still laying well. I had a total of 43 eggs last week. Being young, they should continue to lay fairly well through the winter. They are paying for their feed now. They'll have to lay a lot more to pay off their mortgage on the chicken palace Big Daddy built.

Big Daddy went to church without us this morning. The Monkey has developed a little head cold and is in a foul and sleepy mood. It's a big day for him as he's being voted onto the vestry. I'm sorry I couldn't be there, but I'll get my religion tonight at Anglican Bowling. That's right, I said Anglican Bowling. The high scorer of the evening gets to take home a bust of Elvis for the week.

Now for 20 Random Things About Me. I lifted this meme from Liz. Feel free to lift it from me!

1. One of my first jobs was being the Easter Bunny at the mall.
2. I have been to Niger - twice - and saw no signs of uranium being sold to Iraq. I did however get to track the only remaining herd of giraffes in West Africa and play softball against a bunch of Japanese Embassy employees in the National Soccer Stadium.
3. I worked in a fish factory in Iceland one summer.
4. I am extremely messy - not dirty, just untidy.
5. I wish I could play a musical instrument.
6. I don't like eggs. Although, I am learning to like quiche.
7. I prefer a good beer over wine any day. Of course, I like wine too.
8. I named my daughter after my cat of 14 years (who was named after my great great grandmother, so it's not that odd...)
9. I like making elaborate cookies.
10. I was president of the Latin Club in high school.
11. My favorite oil color in my paint box is cobalt violet.
12. Mine is the first generation of my family, since it's arrival in America who has not served in some branch of the armed services. I joined the Peace Corps instead.
13. I wish I could sew and knit.
14. I miss the horse I had as a teenager.
15. I don't have a sweet tooth, but can't resist chocolate.
16. I store incredibly random facts in my head. I kick ass at Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit.
17. I am terribly afraid of spiders, but have learned to live with them as long as they are outside.
18. I hate to fly. It must be a control thing, because if I could be in the cockpit, I'd be o.k.
19. I didn't own a car until I was 31.
20. When I go hiking I always have the urge to keep walking.


  1. No. 9 - do you make Sarah Bernhard cookies? They're the most elaborate I've ever known...

    No. 18 - I can SO relate - only with cars. I've been in so many car accidents, I always feel paranoid in cars unless I'm at the wheel.

    Oh, and I share your spider phobia. *Shudder*

  2. I love how you don't like eggs, but had 43 "delivered" to you last week! Great list. :)

  3. alda,I've yet to make Sarah Bernhard cookies. They sound intriguing.

    I also can't stand buses for the same reason.

    Liz, it is an interesting phenomenon - the egg thing. I love my chickens though. Thanks for the list idea.