Sunday, October 02, 2005


What do you do when you have three dozen fresh eggs in the fridge? Make a quiche! This is actually my first quiche. The recipe called for six large eggs, but it took a dozen of the little pullet eggs. I added ementhaler cheese, mushrooms, bacon, onion and arugula. It was quite delicious. Big Daddy had two helpings. We had it for dinner then took a lovely walk in the woods before dark.

Friday's Egg Count: 4
Saturday's Egg Count: 5

Let's hear it for the girls!


  1. Beautiful quiche! That's one of my favorite foods, and one we'll have more of now that our ducks are laying again. The egg...nature's perfect food. :)

  2. What a gorgeous quiche, and what a sense of satisfaction you must have that your own lovely little chickens helped you make it!

    When we get chickens in the spring, will you be my chicken guru? Seriously.

  3. Go girls! That looks delicious. Thanks, chickens!

  4. Oh thank you. I think I would love the title of "Chicken Guru".

    Jamie, thanks for the peonies! They are safely in the ground.

    It was even better the next day for breakfast.