Saturday, October 15, 2005

Where's My Bed?

I'm exhausted. I guess I should be. After a very late night last night I got up this morning before the sun and made sticky buns. Yum. I have to say that I am slowly and still unwillingly becoming a morning person. When I go outside and the sky is still full of stars and a crisp fall breeze is blowing, I'm quite willing to convert. Just don't make me think too much. I can handle the early morning taking care of animals chores quite well, but human to human communication and complex thought are not possible until after a few cups of coffee. I meant to post a picture of the buns (they were lovely and it was my first time making them), but they didn't really last long enough to take one. After a morning at the church yard sale (where the buns were devoured in a not so holy way), I ran errands and rented a carpet steam cleaner. The excitement never ends.

It was an incredibly beautiful day and I spent an irritatingly large chunk of it cleaning carpets and rugs. I did manage to spend some time outside. In a moment of bartering genius, I traded a pickup truck load of the mulch mountain for a load of firewood. So my friend Susan came over with the wood and we sort of helped, but mainly watched Big Daddy unload the wood then load the mulch. Afterwards, since it was after noon (at least by 12 minutes), we popped open a bottle of wine and had a glass before Susan ran back to her farm to spread mulch. We decided that fall work weekends should, from now on, involve a wine break around mid-day.

Between rug cleanings I managed to weed some of the flower beds and plant the 100+ daffodil bulbs and the recently divided daylilies. The Persian rug is somewhat fresher smelling and back in the living room. We traded out the kitchen table with the old round oak table and the house has a whole new feel. It feels quite nice. I'm just waiting for the temperatures to drop down low enough to warrant a fire in the fireplace.

Have I mentioned how much I love the month of October? It's halfway over, and I don't think that is quite fair. Each day in October should be 30 hours long so I can savour every moment. The light is different. The smell is different. The hills are starting to change color, although the trees seem to be taking their own sweet time this year. Even the chickens are going to roost earlier. Let's hear it for the change of seasons.

Today's egg count: 7


  1. I've always thought October was the most glorious month, no matter where you live. Unfortunately, our October this year has been nothing but flooding rains. Blech.

    Your sticky buns sound amazing... I think I need to make some of those very soon.

  2. Now that you mention it, October does have its charm. Although in your part of the world you get the Glorious Fall Colours, so it's not surprising you should love it so.

  3. Liz, I'm sorry about all the rain. I've caught some of the scenes on the news and it's awful. The sticky buns are straight out of "Joy of Cooking", page 769.

    Alda, we're still waiting on the fall color.