Thursday, November 03, 2005

Behold the Glory of the Beech

Fall color is arriving finally. And even though the predictions were dire, nature has once again proved herself to be above our petty worrying. Actually, I think it would be pretty difficult to have a "bad" fall here. In the morning and late afternoon the colors really glow.

The fall plantings are hanging on in the garden. The leaf lettuce and arugula are thriving. The red romaine and kale have turned out to be the chickens' favorites. Their future is a little "iffy" at the moment. I think I can fence off the kale and it will bounce back. I did plant it for the chickens after all. I just hoped they'd be able to enjoy it when the weather turns really nasty and they are hankering for something green. If I'm going to let the girls out each day to forage, I'm going to have to plan on fencing the garden next spring.

I ordered 200 egg cartons. How's that for optimism? They were a good price and my labels look fabulous on them. I'm offering a discount of 25 cents to anyone who returns a carton to be refilled. I'm also thinking of making chicken trading cards to include in the carton. Collect all 9 (at the moment) and receive a free dozen! Now I have to get mug shots of all the girls and Rufus, the Lord of the Hen House and the lucky winner of the Which Rooster Will We Keep? contest.

*Also, if anyone knows how to add a "What I'm Reading Now" category to my sidebar, please share how to. I am truly befuddled at times by the technical aspects of this blog. Thanks!


  1. Love your chicken trading card idea. :)
    As for changing your sidebar, I'm not that great with it either, but I'll email you later today. I haven't changed my "what I'm reading now" in about 6 months!!!

  2. Love your photo! Beautiful...

    And I'd be most interested in knowing how to add things like that to the sidebar. Could it be something to do with adding another category to the blogroll?