Thursday, October 06, 2005

Here Comes the Rain

Finally we've got rain. It seems quite a bit is headed our way. It's been rather dry here for the last month or so. I wish I was going to be home so I could reseed areas of the lawn and put down seed in a few new places. However, I'm off to Charlotte for the weekend on business. I will be stuck in a windowless conference room in a hotel near the airport for the next three and a half days. I'm praying that they will not make us do a bunch of that touchy-feely community building waste-of-time activities. I've lived through enough of those activities on several continents in a couple of languages and I think that I've done just about my lifetime's allotment of breaking in to small groups to share.

I'm secretly happy that it will be raining here (and there) and I won't really be missing good hiking weather. I do feel sad for our friend, Chef Boots, who is arriving today. He wanted a nice weekend in the country. Oh well, he can still do his favorite activity - porch sitting. He will be switching hats for awhile today as he becomes Nanny Boots. He will be watching the Monkey as I head off to Charlotte and Big Daddy heads back from his project in Virginia. I hope he brings bread. Perhaps he can make something tasty with the three dozen eggs in the fridge...

Yesterday's Egg Count: 5
Today's Egg Count: ?
The egg count will resume on Monday. Have a nice weekend!

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