Thursday, October 27, 2005

Gifts From the North

First, yesterday morning as I drove Monkey to the wood-hippie montessori mayhem* we call "school", I looked out my window and saw snow on top of the higher mountains. Snow! It was in the papers and on t.v. Here in the peak of our leaf-viewing tourist season they had to close the parkway because of snow! I saw a flurry or two at our house on Tuesday night, but nothing that would coat a mountain top.

Second, I received a package from Alda containing hardfiskur (sorry, I cannot make icelandic letters without spending more time than necessary scanning my keyboard options...). This is something I haven't had in over 20 years. So now I just need to find a recipe to use it in. Perhaps the fabulous Alda could suggest something??

There is frost on the grass this morning. The dogs are extra frisky and the chickens show no sign of wanting to come outside. The season has changed.

*Our Halloween Festival involves a Samhain activity as well as an altar to our dearly departed (we have been asked to bring pictures!). There was also a huge discussion on whether we should allow candy (with or without nuts) for the trick or treating section of the festivities. So, "in an effort to honor our diverse goodie preferences, we are invited to bring whatever we would allow our own child to have & are advised to use our own discretion when participating in this activity". I love the politically correct wood-hippie montessori mayhem school. If I have anything to do with it, Monkey will be on a sugar high starting Saturday and going through sometime the middle of next week. It is her right as a red-blooded American child to get sick on candy at Halloween. Her grandmother, my mother-in-law, already sent her a whole bag of Junior Mints wrapped in little treat boxes. I would have prefered Snickers.


  1. I'd like to see pictures of the snow - it's likely the only snow I'll see this year.

  2. Excellent! I picture you burning Yule logs (at a safe distance, naturally) at Christmas and celebrating the rebirth of the year. Wood hippie schools rule. :-)

  3. Oh no no, Maggie, don't do anything with it, please! Just eat it as is, with a little bit of butter.

    I'm so glad you got it! I was a little worried...

  4. Laura, no pictures, but there will be more. I'm sure.

    Jamie, it is an interesting blend of wood hippies and wood yuppies.

    Alda, fish will be eaten with butter! Takk!