Friday, October 21, 2005

Good Morning

O.K. It's actually afternoon, but I took the picture this morning as I went down to the henhouse and had the intention of posting it soon after. The day, like this week, has gotten away from me.
Tuesday, I started yoga with some friends, Wednesday was picture day at school (Monkey's first!), I moved a lot of mulch from the mulch mountain to various beds, I planted way too many bulbs, I was knocked unconscious by the dog...

You read it right. The dog knocked me out. I have the lingering headache, bruise, and what's now a slight bump (was a giant monstrosity of a goose egg) on my forehead to prove it. One minute I was sitting on the front steps watching Monkey and the dogs play. I tossed a ball to Gigi. I started reading a book, and then WHAM!!!! she nailed me. In her eagerness to play ball, the dog ran me over, careening her skull into mine. I woke up flat on the porch with a tennis ball on my chest and a border collie panting over me. Biscuit the Wonder Dog and Monkey soon joined her hovering. We called Big Daddy. He promised to come home early, but didn't. He says I told him to forget it, I was fine. I told him, "I was knocked unconscious by a border collie! Do you think I was actually rational when you talked to me???"

That was Wednesday. I think I may have had a slight concussion. I've had one once or twice before. I'm accident prone and rode horses, biked and skate boarded before helmets were cool. I feel better today, thank you very much. This is the sort of freak accident that seems to only happen to me. If you have had a good one happen to you, feel free to share.

So, here's this week's egg count. The hen's held out on me on Wednesday. Perhaps it was because they were outside all day. Someone may have stashed her eggs where I will never find them. Or it could have been the horrific crunch of Gigi's forehead colliding with mine that caused them to stop laying. Anyway, today they are pretty much back to normal.

Monday: 6
Tuesday: 7
Wednesday: 4
Thursday: 5
Today: 6


  1. It can happen to anybody who has a very exuberant dog. Mrs. Beans scares the crap out of me when she runs at me - she has not a lick of sense nor depth perception nor concept of her own strength or size. I'm waiting for her to knock me out. Hey, you've got a great story now, and now scars!

  2. Ouch. Glad you're ok.
    When I was in college I was riding piggyback on a friend. He lost his balance, and fell. Backwards. My head hit the hard ground (there was a drought that year), and boy did I see stars. I don't *think* I was concussed, but when I had dizzy spells the next day, my parents sent me for a CAT scan, which proved I was "normal". Whatever that means. ;)
    Beautiful sunrise!

  3. Well, I didn't manage to knock myself out, but yesterday I lost track of what I was doing and moved a ladder while there was a trough of drywall mud on it. The trough (which was about half full, by the way) fell off and landed squarely on the top of my head. I am really lucky it didn't fall scraping-blade-downward.

    I will see your "accident prone" and raise you a "no common sense." :-)

    Anyway, I am really glad you're okay.