Thursday, October 13, 2005

Girls' Night Out

Monkey and I had a great girls' night out tonight. For anyone catching up, Big Daddy is traveling for work every week. On Thursday Monkey and I hit the town, or as she says, "Let's go down-to-town."

It's our church's annual yard sale this weekend, so I dumped off a carload of stuff tonight and helped set up. I came away with a great kid's easel for Monkey. The rule is, "you help set up, you get the bargains!" I also found out that a family from New Orleans is being housed at the diocese conference center starting tomorrow. Now I hate to think how a family from Louisiana are going to be thinking come January in the mountains, but they have two little girls and a brand new baby boy and need lots of help. They need everything in the way of winter clothing. As one of the little girls is 18 months old, I'm donating all of Monkey's old winter things and dresses. It's much better than taking them to the consignment shop. Monkey is very excited to help a little girl "just like her".

I'm so excited for tomorrow night. A good friend is having a low country boil and bonfire out at her house and it's for adults only. No kids. That's why there are babysitters. Hooray.

Today's egg count: 6

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