Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Today Was Productive

I need sleep. Today I managed to complete several tasks that have been hanging around for way to long. Monkey's bed is finished. The bed is old. It came from a friend of the family's maiden aunts. It was dark with old stain and shellac and the dirt of years in a Missouri farm house. It's in her room all smooth and white and she's so high up I'm going to have to get her a step ladder. I started refinishing the bed in May. I procrastinated a little. Now I think she needs some more pillows - lots. I'm renting a steam cleaner this weekend to clean the carpet. I'm hoping that by January I can replace it with something more appropriate for a preschooler's lair. Light cream is not a good choice, but then I didn't choose it.

I managed to make several phone calls and catch up on emails. I cleaned the new old table that will soon be gracing our dining area. My parents had it for years and then I inherited it. It's big, round and solid oak. Tomorrow I hope to be able to take the top off so it can fit through the door. I'm bringing back in the persian rug that I took out of the living room for its own good when the ancient cat was getting a little lax in her litter box habits. I clean it this weekend when I do the carpets.

And then there's the mulch pile. Pile is not the right word. I should say mulch hill. Big Daddy sent home 30 cubic yards of mulch. There's a dump truck load of mulch in my driveway. Today I managed to weed and cover a couple of beds. I also divided some daylillies. I'll plant those tomorrow and then move on to the hundreds of daffodil bulbs my mother sent me.

It's time for bed.

Tuesday's Egg Count: 5
Today's Egg Count: 6

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