Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hello Katrina... Now Go Away

The edge of what is now Tropical Storm Katrina brushed by us today. Damn her. It was odd weather. It would downpour, then stop. The wind would blow, then stop. I'd go outside, then run inside. I didn't get much done besides meet my friend, Tanya, for coffee this morning and run to Target while Monkey was at school. At Target they were losing ceiling tiles in the foyer every time the front doors opened. The sky was a lovely shade of green-grey at that moment. I had a living in the Midwest flashback. We had tornado watches and flood warnings, but nothing seemed to happen. We lost power for a couple of hours. We lose power every time the wind kicks up around here. We lose power a lot.

I managed to make and can some quarts of marinara sauce today. We are running out of room to store all the fruits of our garden labors. The potatoes are being stored under our bed at the moment. It's the coolest, darkest place in the house. I took in a couple pounds of cherry and yellow pear tomatoes to the Farmer's Market and managed to get some organic couscous and a pound of buffalo meat. I wonder if there is some twisted recipe where I could combine them? The buffalo is raised right outside of Asheville. I like this bartering thing. Next time maybe I'll come home with Magic Beans!

I think I am catching whatever Monkey had. I've got the tell-tale scratchy throat and post nasal drip. Lovely, I know.


  1. I'm picturing buffalo kebabs on a bed of couscous. Mmmm...buffalo is one of my favorite meats! Like a Platonic ideal of beefiness.

  2. We get hurricane rain bands around here sometimes. They are odd, yet interesting. Hope you get over your cold soon.

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