Tuesday, August 23, 2005

And Gigi Makes Two

Nobody told me that having a border collie was like having another three year old in the house. Actually that's a lie. I think I read that somewhere and chose to ignore it. Foolish me. But then she looks at me with those big eyes and tilts her head to one side and I forgive her for being a wild crazed beast.

Two things Gigi can do that the Monkey can't: She can jump over my head and she can be spayed (I don't think that's an option for the Monkey...).

The newest member of the household is responding well to positive training and is sitting and doing a down. She seems to be easier to potty train than the Monkey, so there is hope.


  1. What a gorgeous girl! Our dog Silver is a border collie too, but she is very unusual in that:

    (a) She is actually very subdued, except for times when she gets "the crazy eye."

    (b) She is a tricolor ticked BC rather than a classic black and white.

    Too bad we're so distant or I'd suggest a playgroup. :-)

  2. I love love LOVE border collies. Gigi is beautiful. Have fun doing agility with her!

  3. I like the blog. ;)

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