Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ho Hum

It looks like it will be raining all day. In some ways this is good. I have a lot of house cleaning to do before our friends arrive tomorrow for a visit. Lots of house cleaning. If it weren't raining I would find some excuse to be outside. I don't have to look far. So this morning it's clean, clean, clean (ah, the drudgery).

This afternoon I need to make a run to the library with the Monkey (Sometimes, I wish she were a real monkey, because then that would be just too cool - "I'm taking my monkey to the library"). Just picture a small blonde child with big blue eyes wearing a little red fez and fringed red vest maniacally clapping a pair of small brass cymbals together...

I've also started creating my own blog roll over there in the side bar. It will be growing. I'm not too sure about the etiquette of the thing. Should I ask first? Should I just do it? I hope to figure it out soon.

For now - On to sweeping, mopping, toilet cleaning and laundry. Hooray!!!

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