Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Incredible Edible Egg

I have eggs. They are tiny, as is normal for first eggs. I had one on Monday and one yesterday. Let's hope for another today. One of my little Dominique hens is laying them. Let's here it for Heloise!

Has it been a week since my last post? I'm sorry for the lack of news from the mountain. My mother-in-law was visiting. Unfortunately my office is also the guest room. It was pretty much impossible to get to my computer. My space has finally been returned. The smell of perfume is still lingering, but will fade. Ah, solitude (at least during the mornings when Monkey is at school)... There is a lot of work I have to catch up on.

I prepped another row in the garden for planting yesterday. I'll be planting kale this afternoon. I also need to clean out another row for some more spinach and lettuce. I'm waiting until the weekend to rip out the tomatoes. Big Daddy wants to make some green tomato pickles (or relish, I can't really remember) and he'll be home Friday night.

Gigi is demanding my attention right now. I think I'll take her outside and work on some training exercises. She was spayed last Friday. I've been trying to keep her activity level down, but it's a little hard. We'll go do some sitting, downing and staying for a little bit and then I can pull weeds.

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