Monday, August 29, 2005

So Much for Silence

Monkey is home today. After her first day of school she came down with a cold. Hooray. She's got a slight fever and a stuffy nose and a nasty little cough. So I've doped her up on kiddie cold medicine and she's lounging on the couch watching "Dragon Tales".

I would like to watch some news and see updates on the whole nasty Hurricane Katrina thing. I've negotiated for news time after "Dragon Tales" and before "Sesame Street". This means "Caillou" (a whiney little kid, if there ever was one...) and "Barney" are safely out of the picture for today.

I've fed the chickens, played ball with Gigi for about 20 minutes and folded the last of the laundry. Hopefully the sun will pop out and the dew will go away and I can work in the garden for a while. The radishes, spinach, mesclun, arugula, lettuce and mache that I planted are all coming up. I'm clearing out the squash, turning over the soil and will be planting some more spinach and kale. Then it's time to rip out the cucumbers and plant more radishes and some beets.

Oh no, it's starting to rain. I may have to put off the gardening today. If the Katrina heads our way, I may have to put it off for a few more days. I'm hopeful that it will only give us some rain. We suffered quite a bit from Ivan last year (and many areas are still recovering). And I'm still waiting on the road man to come repair our driveway.

Thoughts and prayers out to those poor people stuck in New Orleans. I just heard that the roof is coming off the Super Dome. How terrible. I hope they will be o.k.


  1. Hope Monkey feels better ASAP.

    I know what you mean about *last* year's hurricane damage. We just finished repairing our post-Ivan issues this weekend! But luckily it looks as though Katrina isn't coming near us. I hope you are as lucky.

  2. Monkey is doing much better today and went to school this morning.

    It looks like you in Georgia may be getting some storms. I hope the tornadoes stay away. We're just getting sporadic high winds and rain. It would be a great day to curl up with a good book, if I didn't have to entertain a three year old and a border collie.