Sunday, August 07, 2005

Weekends are Relaxing, Right???

This is the weekend of the Village Art and Craft Fair. Our church provides all the food. Parishioners spend weeks before baking bread, cooking meats, making cookies and cakes to sell. All profits are then donated to local charities. It's a good thing, but a busy thing. Big Daddy is spending the weekend grilling hotdogs for sale. In the past they were boiled in the kitchen. Big Daddy would have none of that. Apparently his new system is working because they ran out of hot dogs yesterday and sold more by 2 o'clock than they had sold the entire festival last year.

While BD was doing the cooking thing I was running around town with the Monkey. First we had a soccer game. Then we went to Monkey's new school to volunteer some time. In the true spirit of Montessori parents are asked to donate about 40 hours of volunteer time to the school each school year. I scrubbed the porch and mowed the lawn and knocked three hours out. Monkey played on the playground with her new friends and got unbelievably filthy. She was very happy. We came home and I worked in the garden for a couple more hours with the help of the uppity chickens. A couple are learning that if they follow me, I toss them bugs and tasty weeds (their favorite is wood sorrel).

Today BD has already left to go back down to the fair. I think Monkey and I may go down later. It's drizzling right now so I'm planning a swift cleaning of the house. If it clears up we'll head out to check out the art and BD's cooking. The only problem with the art fairs in this area is that there is an extreme amount of pottery. I would love to buy handmade plates and bowls to use everyday, but my budget right now won't allow it. So I tend to get all forlorn and collect potter's cards and wish I had more moolah. I am thinking though that I could start a very interesting mix and match collection by buying one or two pieces at a time and tossing out the old mass-produced dinnerware as I get pretty handmade things. Hmm, that might be a plan - I could support other artists and end up with an interesting collection.

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