Wednesday, August 03, 2005

You Say To-may-to...

I've been busy this morning. I picked 25 pounds of yummy. I think I will make some sauce and can it today. I'll leave out the Cherokee Purple tomatoes as I think they will make the sauce brown. Most of the other tomatoes are in the yellow orange range. Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of color theory (and I have way too much knowledge of it) would understand that purple and yellow make ick. And ick is not a good color for tomato sauce. And for those of you wondering; ick is a color - it's yellow and purple.


  1. *sigh*

    Absolutely gorgeous. I especially like the look of the yellow and red stripey ones. I've seen those before but can't come up with the name off the top of my head. What kind of flavor are they? Sweeter, or more acidic?

  2. Blue and orange make ick, too. Stay away from the blue tomatoes, too.

  3. They are Mr. Stripey and Pineapple. Both are a little on the sweeter side. There's another one called Candy Stripe that I picked up at the tailgate market last week - very similar.

  4. Yep, ick is a color. The previous owners of my new home painted the entire place in ick with a few varients like ick tapestry and ick tone.

  5. I always thought that yellow and purple made...hold it comes...


    just my thought.

    I love the looks of your harvest and the tales that you spin let my mind have a beautifully vivid picture of your free-ranging chickens and bountiful beans.

    Keep up the good work!!