Monday, August 22, 2005

Another Weekend Gone

Let's see. This weekend was overly busy. We adopted Gigi, who is fitting in nicely. It's very funny to watch her experience new things. She obviously wasn't allowed inside before. Hardwood floors terrified her the first two days. The television is very interesting, as is the computer keyboard. House training is going well. And she sleeps in a crate at night. She has no manners on a leash, but fortunately isn't a big tugger. She's learned sit and down. She's also figured out that string cheese (her new favorite treat) comes from the fridge. Considering we had house guests all weekend, she is doing very well.

Jim & Beth, our long time friends, came up with their little boy for a visit this weekend. We did a lot of hanging out downtown and sitting on the front porch. Their little guy got to pick blueberries and cherry tomatoes with Monkey. He was also quite fascinated by the chickens.

On Saturday morning we took them along for our favorite routine - breakfast at the French bakery followed by a trip to the farmer's market. We bought more goat cheese, steaks for dinner, bacon for Sunday's breakfast, oyster mushrooms, eggs, and fresh honey. Summer is here and the living is easy...

Monkey starts school this Wednesday. We are in the final preparation stage. She's pretty excited. I'm a little nervous.

Oh, and we canned 12 pints of green beans, 6 pints of peach jam, and 9 pints of salsa.

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