Friday, August 05, 2005

Storing Up for the Lean Season

Well, I made blueberry jam this morning. Our pantry is filling up with lots of home grown goodness - beans, jams, tomato sauce, carrots, peas and beets. I'm becoming quite the country girl.

Well, I'm not so country that I hang confederate flags from the trees around my house and put my trash in with neighbor's on trash pick up day, like someone in the valley does. I think you can figure out who from previous posts and the fact that that same person's PUPPIES are showing up daily in my yard. Now one would think that after you've had the sherriff to your house and animal control fining you over $1000, you'd keep your dogs at home. I think I'm expecting a little too much from that gene pool. Would it be morally reprehensible to buy a pellet gun and take aim at said puppies? It would only be a pellet gun.... Those puppies bark at me in my own yard. My yard. Not theirs. Bad dogs. Bad. Hillbilly puppies for God's sake.

O.K., I'm done with the rant. Now I can get on with my day. We had a rather large and abrupt thunderstorm earlier. The temperature is now quite nice. My chickens are all wet. They refused to go inside their house. They were free ranging at the time and they just get a little carried away with the "we're free!" attitude. The chickens are getting a little uppity these days. I would say they think they are running the place, but so does the cat and at least one of the dogs. My animals have no respect for my authority. And I think it's rubbing off on my daughter. While I've been writing I think she's swiped at least one, if not two popsicles. It's sad really. Time for a freezer intervention.

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