Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Oh Thank God

Yesterday I was feeling a little nervous. I was close to a couple of weeks late and have gained a few unexplained pounds. So off I went to the drug store and came home with a home pregnancy test. It was negative. I was relieved. And, in a true example of how my life goes, if I had waited a few more hours, my body would have told me so and I could have saved the 15 bucks.

Contrary to friends', familys' and complete strangers' thoughts, I am meant to be the mother of an only child. If I had two how would I be able to afford a pony and summer camp and all those cute little girl clothes? And I'm way too distracted to keep track of two. I'd lose the second one somewhere - in the woods, at the park, leave it on top of the car as I drive away from the grocery store. One is a good number. Zero population growth and all that. I've had to turn down gay friends' offers that we could have theirs... Thank you, but no.

So, while another child would not be the end of the world, I'm glad it's just the Monkey. Right now she's calling my name and I better go make sure she's not baking another cake or climbing the fridge in search of Big Daddy's candy stash. One is such a good number.


  1. On is a good number, and I wish more people realized that. The Monkey is lucky to have parents who can give her the attention (and perks, such as the pony every little girl wants) that she needs!

  2. Er, that would be "one," not "on." As far as I know, "on" is not a number.

  3. I agree with Jamie - on is a good number. Heh. I have found that going out and buying a pee-stick is a guarantee I'll start my period that very day.