Monday, June 20, 2005

The Normal Life

Now that everyone is gone and I'm done with my travels, life can get back to normal for awhile.
This weekend Big Daddy and I worked in the yard. We spent Saturday morning running errands. We loaded up on lumber at Lowe's and stocked the shelves with groceries. Big Daddy finished putting up the roosts in the chicken coop. He built them a cute little ladder so they climb up. So far I've only seen the silver spangled rooster actually roosting, although one brave black hen tried out the ladder.

Sunday Big Daddy built a new dog-proof compost bin complete with a gate for me. My life has changed so much that I get excited by a compost bin.

I worked in the garden both days. I pulled all the lettuce, which was beginning to bolt. In it's place there is a row of French filet beans. I strung twine to support my black-eyed peas as they are beginning to grow. The tomatoes are now staked and are starting to set fruit. I weeded and planted more marigolds and sunflowers. Both afternoons we had big thunderstorms, so I still haven't mowed the yard. Saturday's storm included a bunch of hail which beat the crap out of my squash plants. They'll survive although they are kind of ragged right now.

If it doesn't rain this afternoon, I'll pull the broccoli and put in a couple of rows of corn. Now I need to get to the gym and work off all the food I ate last week with the family.

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