Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Home Sweet Home

8:10 a.m.

I came home from camp on Sunday night. Yesterday was a flurry of errand running, grocery shopping and catching up on things left unfinished before I left. Today will be more of the same. It's time to balance that checkbook and pay a few bills.

Everything became really green while I was gone. My garden is going wild and so are the weeds. I think I'll procrastinate on the bill paying for an hour or two and work outside. I decided to include the nasty boomerang shaped bed that is in the middle of our front yard in this photo. We've been using it as a fire pit for the last year to burn all the debris and bad trees we've been clearing from the woods. Soon it will be transformed into a stone fire pit lined with flagstone where we can relax and enjoy the evening. One of Big Daddy's crews is supposed to stop by today and move the flagstone from the driveway to the boomerang. All remnants of the boomerang will be removed. I can't wait! I've decided to leave the plot of daisies to the one side and add some other wild flowers to the mix. That's less mowing for me.

We are slowly transforming the edge of the lawn into controlled nature. We are also plotting out trails through the woods and around the edge of the property to accent specific plants. Our last yard and gardens were artfully contrived and controlled. It was beautiful and was and oasis in the middle of an urban setting. This time we're going with organized chaos.

I better get outside and get to work before we get more rain. The garden needs some managing and harvesting. Tonight we will dine on fresh peas. I need to see if there are any new potatoes yet. I love summer.

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