Sunday, June 26, 2005

Garden of Delights

The garden is coming along quite well. I picked one little super sweet cherry tomato today. The rest are starting to set fruit. We harvested carrots and beets. Big Daddy has been busy using the new pressure canner. He's done peas and carrots and is on to beets. The whole house smells like dirt right now from cooking beets. I've got another row free to plant black-eyed peas.

Everything is finally starting to take off. Now if I can just keep the bugs and such under control. The chickens have been feasting on Japanese Beetles. I've dumped the beetle trap twice for their dining pleasure, but I think I'm hardly making a dent in beetle destruction. The beetles are devouring my Japanese Maple. It must be sort of like American tourists coming across a McDonalds in Paris and getting all excited - "Ja voodray lay Big Mac, seel voo play!" Damn tourists, go home!


  1. Your garden is so much more orderly than mine, which could charitably be described as "right-brained." ;-)

    And you have potatoes! I can't grow potatoes--something comes and digs them out from underneath. Very disheartening.

  2. The potatoes are a surprise to me. I really didn't trust that they would grow.

    I think the mole population is down this year now that the kitten has turned into a hunter.