Saturday, June 25, 2005

Down on the Farm


I actually grew potatoes. I dug them up and made them for dinner. I was kind of skeptical as I couldn't actually see them growing. But here they are - my first batch of new potatoes. The red ones are klondike rose and the others are yukon gold.

We worked around the house and garden today. I managed to get some flowers planted, weeds pulled and the pond fixed. The waterfall's hose was clogged. All I can say is, "Ick". Pond scum is gross. Since the fish disappeared, the frogs have been thriving. There are now a bunch of little tadpoles. I can't wait until they get big and eat bugs. Big Daddy cleaned up a bunch of areas today. He started building the fire ring. He changed my original idea, but he is the expert. So I'll trust him for now. He built two new beds for me to fill with dirt and herbs, so I'm happy.

I also managed to get rid of 9 of my chickens yesterday and today. They went to new homes and will hopefully have a good life. Today after our friend, Susan, left with five of them, the others seemed a little traumatized. They hid in the coop and wouldn't come out. I had to bribe them with fresh peas. I can just see their little chicken brains whirring, "Oh no! Here she comes. She'll put us in a box and send us away. Quick! Hide! Run around like your head is cut off!!!" It was sad to see them go. I've kept my favorites of each breed. I gave Susan one of the Golden Polish. I had planned on giving her two, but I think one is a rooster. So now I have Deg (thanks to Ken), the rooster and his two girls Angela (thanks to Jamie) and Val(thanks to one of our friends who noticed the similarity - was it Mel?). Now I'll have to get around to naming them all.

Man, those taters were good! Now I think it's time to go sit on the porch and have a beer. Life is good on the farm.

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