Friday, June 10, 2005

The Week of The Family Approaches

Tomorrow my family will be descending upon us for an entire week. My family and my mother's brother's (that would be my uncle) family have a week long get together every year. Last year was my uncle's beach place in Delaware. This year they chose Asheville. My brother and I were hoping for a Florida beach, but the cousins outnumber us and they won out. So here's the tally - my parents, my brother, his wife, two nieces, my aunt and uncle, my cousin, middle cousin and youngest cousin and his wife. That's 12 people. Add us to the mix and the total is 15. They are not staying at my house. I located a rental that sleeps 10 or 12 and they rented it. It will be an event.

My family will most likely give me great fodder for descriptive writing. We should avoid politics, but rarely do. It is entirely possible that there will be disputes about professional sports. The vegetarians may clash with the carnivores and there is likely to be some territorial issues involving the hot tub. Here's to family gatherings! Let's hope I find time for some entries next week.

Big Daddy is taping a show for Turner South today. It's called Bushwhacked. Other than the name, I don't know much about it except supposibly they take the worst house on the block and give it curb appeal. Stay tuned for details.

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