Thursday, May 26, 2005

Name That Chicken

golden polish

This is one of four Golden Polish chickens that I have. So far I've named a few of the chicks, but can't come up with good names for these funny girls. This one has the best "head of hair" so far. I hope it's not a rooster. I invite you to use your imagination and name that chicken!


  1. The s.o. suggests "Angela Davis."

  2. Ha! That cracks me up. I may just have to use that one. When all the feathers come in it supposed to look just like an afro on the hens.

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I think that wonderful hen should be called Carmel! It kind of fits doesn't?

  4. Anonymous8:57 AM

    i love that carmel idea! im trying to name my to future polish, one golden, and one black and white crested. im also getting one mottled houden, alond with 12 others. any names fro mine are greatly appreciated! thnx guys