Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tuesday is Better Than Monday

Tuesday is Kindermusik day. There is nothing in the world quite like a room full of 18 month to 3 year old children shaking bells, beating sticks and dancing around the room to "Roll Over Rover". "Roll Over Rover" just happens to be the Monkey's current favorite. You get to sit, lay down, roll over and wag your tail all in one song. How could it not be a favorite?

Our schedule after Kindermusik is normally pretty loose. We go have coffee and muffins with some other Kindermusik parents and kids. Today after coffee we met up with T. And her son Jacob at the park. Monkey and I got there early so we took a walk around the lake. It was quite chilly, so when the others arrived we decided to head to the mall. The play space at the mall is a scary venue. It's surrounded by the food court. We ate, we played, we came home and napped.

Monkey is over her cold for the most part. Big Daddy is now knocked out by his cold and is quickly turning into Big Baby. I sent him to bed awhile ago. He must get better by Thursday. We've got a thing to go to. I don't get a chance for too many "things" these days, so I'm a little excited. I get to get dressed up. I get to eat good food and drink fine wine. I get to have adult conversations with adults. And these adults have grown children, so there will be no baby/toddler discussions if I can help it. I am looking forward to Thursday.

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