Tuesday, February 08, 2005

2:00 p.m.

Instead of the normal photo, I did a painting today. I had to take advantage of the fabulously warm weather we are having. I find it rather hard to concentrate on the act of painting with the Monkey finding everything she shouldn't in my studio. We washed her hands four times this afternoon. At least we didn't have a reenactment of last year when she came to me, her mouth a lovely shade of cerulean blue, and announced, "This frosting doesn't taste good!" It was acrylic paint and poison control assured me it was non-toxic. And the Monkey isn't the only distraction. Try painting en pleine aire with a German Shepherd bringing you a ball every 30 seconds, dropping it at your feet and whining until you put down the paint brush and throw the damn slobery thing. I'm still amazed I got something done. I'm leaving it like it is for awhile.

I must say that all the wonderfully nice comments about my illustration friday submission gave me a little more courage to post this painting today. Thank you for the nice feedback!

I hope Big Daddy gets home early as promised so I can go for a run. Then we can head out for some pizza and my last beer before Lent. Hey, I made it 9 months without my favorite beverage, I figure I can make it through Lent.

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