Friday, February 04, 2005

So once again the pit bulls who belong to the confederate flag flying, t-bird up on blocks in the front yard people down the mountain have showed up in my yard. This time my dogs wanted inside immediately (o.k., the smart shepherd mix wanted inside, the terrier wanted to go try to kick some ass and get mauled again).

The county has strict breed specific laws, which in theory I am against. But when it comes to the safety of my own dogs and child, I'll take the law that requires the dogs to be penned when outside. I'm not someone who thinks all pit bulls are bad and must be eliminated. I myself have owned a pit bull, who was a wonderful dog. These are not nice dogs and are overly aggressive. I tried to talk to the owners to no avail. In fact, on one visit to their home, I was forced back in my car by the dogs.

Today I called animal control first. I'll let them handle it. Maybe the owners should be forced to be penned when outside...

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