Thursday, February 24, 2005

Illustration Friday - Sorrow


This week's topic for Illustration Friday is sorrow. I've been very busy this week and occupied with another project. I didn't think I would have time to come up with anything. My other illustration project at the moment is very cheerful and earlier this week I had no place for sorrow. However, I recieved some unsettling news last night and now I'm rather full of sorrow, remorse, anxiety, grief.

The older sister of one of my oldest, dearest, most valued friends (we've been friends since first grade) is losing her fight with cancer. This is a family who has been much closer to sorrow than I can even imagine. Her husband died several years ago and soon their children will be left without parents.

As I began to think about sorrow the images of Kathe Kollwitz filled my head. Mother and child. Pieta. Perhaps I'm also under the influence of the lenten season as well. I don't have the heart to draw anything new, so I cheated a little and pulled a sketch out from one of my Togo notebooks. Here perhaps there is a little poetic license in art. The child is sleeping, but the slumped form suggests darker images as well. I wished it was more finished, but it's all I have today to share.

The irony is I have to get right back to cheerful, upbeat and happy to finish the project I'm getting paid for.


  1. I like this, maybe you can finish when you have more time?
    It reminds me of the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

  2. Im so sorry for your personal sorrow. it is terrible. I hope everything goes better than expected. good artist link.

  3. This captured my heart - it says it all. No fancy colors, no more lines or trying to make this better will ever make it better or more expressive. This one really went right into my heart - maybe because I have a son of my own and I have to live every day knowing he won't be very old...

    I love it...

  4. I'm sorry to hear of your friend's terribly sad story. Truly.

    Your illustration speaks volumes. Beautiful.

    Gnome G