Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tuesday, Also Known as Monkey's Day

We went to kindermusik this morning. It's one of the few times I can stand a room of toddlers... Then we went for coffee and came home. The weather was so fantastic - in the 60's; I decided to pack a lunch and go on a picnic. We went to a little waterfall, not far from the house up on the parkway and ate. Biscuit went with us. Somehow, I left the flexi-leash on the roof of the car. It was still there when we got to waterfall. Now, how lucky was that?

Afterwards, we hiked a little on the Mountains to Sea Trail. I can't really call it hiking. Monkey stops every few feet and marvels at pine cones or a tree root. She wants to hold Biscuit's leash, then loves to let it go and watch it snap up and scare the bejesus out of the poor dog. She enjoyed herself. I'm not sure Biscuit did.

We stopped at the Folk Art Center to use the restroom and check out the current exhibit - Quilts. I looked for a casserole dish from one of my favorite potters in the Highland Craft Guild shop, but didn't see the color I want. I want to get it for my friend, Valerie. Her wedding was only this past summer. I'll have to head over to the other shop and see if they have one in red.

Now Monkey's napping and I can have a moment of quiet. Ah, quiet - you've got to love that.

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