Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

I have so many things to be thankful for - Big Daddy, Monkey, this beautiful place I get to live in. I've made new friends in the last year and have kept close to most of those who are now far from me. Every morning the sun creeps up over that mountain and gives me hope that each day can be an adventure (sometimes small and not so exciting, but always new...).

My hopes for this coming year are to become even more productive in my art, to become more physically fit, to lose my anger (it's been fading), and to get Monkey potty trained. I think those are all attainable goals. And they seem such small goals in face of all the strife and tragedy around the world.

I wish I could just take off and help somewhere, but these days I have other committments. I even have a hard time juggling when B.D. will be out of town at conferences and when I have dog trials. So trivial. But perhaps it is the seemingly trivial things that make up a life. The little things cement the big events together. At least my life has had some big, beautiful events to shake up the collection of little things up from time to time. Let's hope for some big things to shake up 2005 in a good way.

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