Thursday, January 06, 2005

my eyesight is fading

I should really try to wear my glasses, even though they are held together with surgical tape thanks to Monkey the Destroyer. I could get them replaced, but I just bought them before we moved and I'm not about to shell out the money. One side will just be held together with the white tape and I will never be able to fold them. The last pair lasted through grad school and three continents. I only wear them to read or paint.

Back to the original thought that got me here. I was scrolling through recently visited websites and came across "". It was actually "". Every time Big Daddy goes to South Carolina he buys a lottery ticket. Why, I don't know... Oh, maybe because North Carolina doesn't have one! Yeah, that's a good reason... Anyway, I guess he had checked on his lucky numbers. There's a joke there, I'm just not sure where.

Then, my dear friend in Chicago sent an e-mail titled, "birthday bash - early warning". Somehow in my mind it became "back to bush - early warning", which I think is somewhat appropriate and may just be an indication of my own psyche and not my eyesight.

Monkey is napping today. Oh joy! We barely survived the Epiphany debacle last night. Big Daddy fed her one piece of cake, a cupcake and several cookies. I spent the next hour chasing her around the hall and outside, then back through the kitchen. People seem to think this is charming and her joie de vivre is, indeed, a little infectious (like dysentery or the black death...). I, however, envision the development of a tiny little dart gun capable of delivering small doses of a harmless tranquilizer that I could shoot at will.

Big Daddy's barbecue was well received and devoured. This is the black hole of barbecue. Maybe he should open a restaurant... Someone told me he was truly gifted. Yes, I love that my husband smells of hickory smoke for several days...

...Next time he can stay at your house.

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