Thursday, January 13, 2005

Thursday... ...Hooray!!!

Well Monkey and I went to the Y this morning. She had her time playing with my little pony in childcare, and I got to run on the track and do a bunch of crunches. The highlight, however, would probably be the nice hot shower with no interruptions. So what if it was in the ladies locker room?

We then swung by the bank, which is near the salon where we get our hair cut. She noticed this. While at the ATM, Monkey says, "Oh, there's the haircut store. I need a whole new haircut and a wonderful purple lollypop!" She's not fooling me one bit. Forget the hair, she just wants the candy. Give Monkey the candy and nobody gets hurt... It is time for haircuts. My mane is getting quite unruly. I sure do miss Tennyson at Hair Style in Kansas City. I'm suffering here...

And speaking of suffering; there is no Vietnamese food in Western North Carolina. Hey, but the temperature is in the 60's today. I hear there is a good Vietnamese restaurant in Winston (or is it Greensboro?). We are going to meet Big Daddy at his landscaping conference there this weekend. I can only keep my fingers crossed that I can get some bun...

O.K. I miss a few things from the city, but not that much. There are good restaurants (just not Vietnamese), good beer, o.k. shopping (as if I get to buy anything - it's all for the Monkey!), and I do get the view. Oh, and nobody wanted to visit us in K.C., but we seem to running a Bed & Breakfast here. That's allright with me, as long as they keep bringing good hostess gifts!

Time to put on a rain coat and slog down to the mail box.

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