Friday, January 21, 2005

the apprentice

Big Daddy got all excited last night because it was the start of the new Apprentice. He said he would make a good candidate. I would almost have to agree him, but, I pointed out, he would have to call the Donald "Mr. Trump". I just don't think he could do it. This season it is the college graduates vs. the high school graduates. Big Daddy is rooting for the high school graduates. I think they are all a little nutty. You can't tell me that half of them aren't picked just so they'll break down and do something idiotic in front of the camera. I think the term "reality t.v." is a misnomer. In spite of my feelings about the genre, there is only one t.v. in the house. And as someone with too many degrees, I'm going to have to cheer on the high school graduates as well. For now...

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