Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Snow Day Pizza

My aunt sent the Monkey a pizza making kit for Christmas. Today was a snow day (we've got about 6 inches and it's still coming down), so we made pizza for lunch. I know she visits the blog regularly, so I thought we'd share some pizza pictures. Monkey is a regular pizza queen. She did almost all the work. Somehow I ended up doing the washing up. Typical.

starting the yeast
Mixing the dough

mixing dough

Starting the yeast

kneading dough Kneading the dough

deep dish pizza!

A little while later... pizza! Which would you like - Pepperoni or Mushroom?


  1. Mmmmm. Some of each, please!

    I thought about you on the way in to work today. You do realize that snow is not just fun and pizza-inspiring, right? It's also.....RAIN! WOOO HOOOO! RAIN!

    Enjoy yourselves.

  2. Now I want snow AND pizza!

  3. stew - I know! I'm just looking at all that frozen water sitting out there and shaking with glee!

    bezzie - The pizza is easy, I think you just have to wait for snow... :)