Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

cardinal, originally uploaded by maggiesfarm.

I was out taking photos with the new camera in the woods today. A half an hour later, I was inside with a nasty episode of Raynaud's. So, Charlie removed the screen to the back window and I played with the new telephoto lens while the birdies visited the feeders. This guy likes to hang out and look cool. He also likes to attack the mirrors of my car and has been known to sit inside when the sunroof is open. Weirdo.

We've stuffed ourselves on black-eyed peas (Penny Rile - an heirloom variety we grew in the garden this, I mean last year), corned beef, greens and cabbage. Charlie swears there'e a corned beef New Year's tradition... I ate mostly peas. It's back to work and school tomorrow, unless of course, our weatherman is actually correct and we get several inches of snow. I'm beginning to doubt it. At least the temperature dropped today and it felt a little like winter.

Happy New Year everyone!

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