Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm being buried in seeds

Really. Another order arrived from Burpee yesterday. It was sitting by the back door where our friend, UPS Man, always leaves packages. Monkey was very excited thinking a grandparent had sent her something (which they tend to do) until she shook the box. "I think it's seeds," she said, rather deflated as she handed me the box. I had the same feeling. We got over it with an ice cream sandwich.

It must be the general winter doldrums that settle on me every time this year. I feel like spring will never actually arrive. February just takes forever, doesn't it? And with a hurt back, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that all is well be the time I need to plant. There are a million (ok, slight exaggeration) things I want to be doing right now involving pitchforks, compost, animal bedding, brush piles and chainsaw, but I have to wait on someone else to do it. Frustrating.

I did notice there were a heck of a lot of peas in this order. I'm not that fond of them. However, Charlie, Monkey and tailgate customers are.)...

Mammoth Melting Sugar Pea
Super Sugar Snap Pea
Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea
Wando Pea
Cherry Belle Radish
French Breakfast Radish
Watermelon Radish
Habenero Pepper
Red Delicious Pepper
Hot Jalapeno M Pepper
Detroit Dark Red Beet
Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach

That may be close to the end. I know there is still a small order from Pinetree Gardens (Which I love because while the seed packages tend to be small, they are inexpensive. I can try new things without too much financial burden.) and the potato order will arrive in the not too distant future. I'm most excited (truly!) about the mushroom order. We will be starting some oyster mushroom logs over in the woods. I will be marching over every inch of that forest hunting for morel mushrooms this spring. We do have one spot where we found them before, but I'm sure there are many more in the new woods. I was tempted to order spore, but it was very expensive and from the northwest. And I'm such a local nut, I'm wary of introducing an outside source for what nature can provide right here. Although I doubt morels from Washington would be classified as exotic invasive in the southeast...

I do miss my greenhouse. This time last year there were lettuces, spinach, radishes, peas and new potatoes growing. Charlie promises that construction will start soon on the new one. But I'm not holding my breath for it to be ready for any early plantings this year. We are way too busy (or rather he is) at work. The site is ready and I'm planning an elaborate herb garden (culinary, medicinal and heirloomy) all around it. Keep fingers crossed.


  1. I am so jealous. Maybe I can make an Asheville trip to see all of this goodness some time! I love camping, and haven't been up your way since..2004? Can it be? If I can fit in a visit with you, alls the better.

    Also, be careful with that back, missy!

  2. A visit would be grand. Not only lots of gardening, but there are several fine local brews. Did I ever mention that Charlie has done quite well in barbeque competitions? We should definitely plan a visit once the weather warms up some.
    I am taking great care with the back :)

  3. Good luck on that greenhouse Maggie. I know about "waiting" for things myself.
    More round to its anyone??

  4. Oh man, I have GOT to stop reading your blog til I can plant!!

    I'm thinking about splurging on one of those mushroom kits, since well, there aren't many areas of woods around here. And if there are, there are homeless people, not mushrooms living in them.