Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And now for something completely different

ruby crowned kinglet, originally uploaded by maggies farm.

This post has nothing to do with seeds! (Unless you count bird seed.)
This little tiny bird has been visiting the feeder for about a week. I couldn't get a good view of her to identify her. She's pretty cute.

Do you know they make hanging nests out of moss, lichen and spider webs? It's true. I bet she's ready for spring too.


  1. what a beautiful photo!! I love your blog. How did you take the picture? How do you go so close?

    Hope your disc issue goes away soon and you can enjoy your spring 200%!

  2. Thanks.
    I use a telephoto lens. That helps me get "closer".

  3. My guess is a female goldfinch, non-breeding plumage.

  4. Stew, I thought goldfinch at first, but it's a ruby crowned kinglet - it flashes the "ruby" part every now and again. There are a few of them and they are oh, so tiny.
    Too bad that soon they will head off for the great white north and I'll have to wait until next winter to see them again.