Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another snow day and time to take pictures

female cardinal, originally uploaded by maggies farm.

I don't think the weather was as bad as forecasted, but we did have a snow day today. There is still snow on the ground, it's just not very fun to play in. We've had rain and sleet on and off for a large chunk of the day.

What do we do on snow days when the snow is there, but not "sleddable"? Well, let's see. Monkey has built a fort out of blankets, couch cushions and several chairs. Apparently she plans to sleep in it and never let boys enter.

Snow Days are also Pajama Days. Around noon, Charlie looked up from his laptop and said to me, "Hey! Take off your jeans. We only wear pajamas here!" Silly me. He even went to the barn in his pajamas this morning.

I've been outside and played with the goats, threw a frisbee for Gigi and took some photos. I should be working (like Charlie did all day), but it's a snow day! Oh, it's also a good day to watch birds at the birdfeeder. Enjoy Mrs. Cardinal. She doesn't attack my car like her mate does.


  1. Awesome photo! Too bad you can't capture and post the Cardinal's singing (sound effect) along with this photo. That would make it almost as good as seeing it live. Congratulations on your beautiful photography, from your sheep, dairy goat, chicken and Guinea fowl neighbors at Asheville Farm.

  2. Howdy neighbor!

    Maybe I should ask for sound equipment next year for Christmas...

    Icelandic sheep? I'm quite jealous. I bet they've enjoyed the weather lately.