Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My favorite view from the weekend

12 January, 2008, originally uploaded by maggies farm.

Freezing fog is an interesting phenomenon.

Onto other thoughts -

Dear Republican Candidates advertising for the South Carolina Primary,

Will you please stop telling us what good christians you are and talk about where you stand on some of the issues. There is really a snow ball's chance in hell that I would vote for any of you, but it's annoying to think that you believe the only thing Southerners care about is your faith and your belief that life begins at conception. Economy? War? Health Care? Come on! I think it is truly time for a revolution...


O.K. I've had my rant and now I'm off to shower and go to work. Back later with my general avoidance of politics.


  1. What IS freezing fog, anyway? I've heard of it twice in rapid succession after living 36 years never having heard the term before.

  2. from wikipedia -
    "Freezing fog occurs when liquid fog droplets freeze to surfaces, forming white rime ice. This is very common on mountain tops which are exposed to low clouds. It is equivalent to freezing rain, and essentially the same as the ice that forms inside a freezer which is not of the "frostless" or "frost-free" type. In some areas such as in the State of Oregon, the term "freezing fog" refers to fog where water vapor is super-cooled filling the air with small ice crystals similar to very light snow. It seems to make the fog "tangible", as if one could "grab a handful"."