Monday, January 28, 2008

Seeds, seeds, seeds

I was excited by the first seed order arrivals. Now I have decided to never give Charlie that responsibility again. You see, he has been itching to order seeds for some time. And this year, I let him. Never again. I tend to practice the art of purchasing seed with some restraint, taking into consideration cost, labor and return on my investment. Charlie saw it as an opportunity to sample everything. Luckily we have the extra garden plot to plant this year. Unluckily most of the labor will fall upon me and my newly slipped disc. Hopefully back pain will be under control before spring planting commences. Keep all fingers crossed, please. Here's what arrived over the weekend...

From Baker Creek Seeds
Golden Wax Bean
Roma II Bean
Jacob's Cattle Bean (I saved some of these for seed, but we went through them so fast)
Dragon Tongue Bean
Greasy Grits Bean (got to grow greasy beans if you live in Appalachia!)
Albino Beet
Flat of Egypt Beet
Tonda di Parigi Carrot
Atomic Red Carrot
Cosmic Purple Carrot
Lunar White Carrot
Amarillo Carrot
Mexican Sour Gherkin
Suyo Long Cucumber
Penny Rile Cowpea (I saved some of these for seed...I guess we'll have more)
Cayenne Long Thin Pepper
Rouge d'Hiver Lettuce
Golden Marconi Pepper
China Rose Radish
Japanese Minowase Daikon
Chinese Red Meat Radish
White Icicle Radish
Helios Radish
Green Zebra Tomato
Spear's Tennessee Green Tomato (love this!)
Principe Borghese Tomato
Flame (Hillbilly) Tomato
Marina di Chiogga Pumpkin (I had wanted to try this one)

From Earl May (Charlie worked for this company when he was young and just had to order seeds)
Ruby Lettuce
Forest Green Parsley
Cool Breeze Cucumber
Mrs. Pickler Cucumber
Sweeter Yet Cucumber

And if that wasn't enough, these arrived from the Cook's Garden
Vit Mache
Trionfo Violetto Pole Beans

I'm worried. Perhaps it will all seem much better when the days get a little longer and a little warmer... For now, I'm waiting on the Burpee order. There's no telling what will be arriving. Oh the trepidation!

Oh and I still haven't ordered any chicks! I have to get on that this week. It's time to replace some of the older hens and I have a few friends that want to get in on the order. Charlie wants to raise some meat birds this year. It looks like I'm going to be one busy farm girl.


  1. First off - Thanks for the keen posts. I have seed fever too. All my catalogues came in a bunch last week or so. Second - Being able to read folks' blogs really does help chase off the winter blahs, so thanks! Excellent blog. I enjoy reading.

  2. Hello City Mouse and thank you!

    I am certainly ready for spring.