Thursday, July 21, 2005

You Asked For It


Never say that I am not accommodating. Although I waffled a little about posting a picture of myself, the Monkey took such a good one yesterday that I decided to post it.

Now I'm going to go drain and scrub out my fish pond. All the fish are gone. I think the bull frogs got them. Poor things. I might as well clean it out and make it all sparkling and shiny for the next batch of frog food, er... I mean fishies!


  1. I like it a LOT. Very pretty. Goes well with your eyes and the bone structure on the top half of your face. :^)

  2. I like it too! I am a long hair person, but then again I don't have the kind of face that short hair looks good on. You do. I bet that feels gooooood right about now. :-)

  3. It feels pretty darn good when I'm stewing in 135% humidity!

  4. It does look good. With all the advances in medicine, you could probably find a donor and get a matching lower half for the face. ;)