Friday, July 01, 2005

Gad Zukes!

gad zukes!

Little Monkey is very lucky. I found my camera ferreted away in a location she could never reach. It was probably put there by an adult (could have been me...) so she couldn't get her grubby little hands on it. Lucky child.

So here's a photo of a baby zucchini. Come to Momma, you tasty little thing. All the curcurbits are going crazy in the 100% humidity and heat. I'm going crazy in the 100% humidity and heat. I even have pumpkins blooming. I've never been successful with pumpkins or watermelon. Last year Big Daddy was in charge of the garden, and the watermelon and pumpkins succumbed to pestilence and disease early on. He's much too busy to spend a lot of time in the garden this year. Since I've taken over and am feeding them like crazy and picking off bugs daily, they may just make it. In B.D.'s defense, we did have several watermelon last year, but the neighbor's dog kept picking them.


  1. Dogs eat watermelons?!

  2. This one did/does. They were little "sugar babies" and I think they looked too much like balls to be ignored. The dog is 100 lbs. of ball crazy. He's banned from our property this year and his owner is finally complying. I miss him a little because he was such a goofy dog. However, my garden, pets and Monkey's toys thank me for finally putting my foot down.