Monday, July 11, 2005

Updates and Bad Weather

Somebody up there in weather control is not listening to my requests. It is currently a comfortable 67 degrees with humidity pushing 93% - which definitely takes away the comfort factor.

Bad Neighbor Update: Animal Control will be visiting my neighbor's house today and along with Buncombe County's finest will be serving her a very long list of fines and orders. Her dog has been deemed a "dangerous animal" This means she must have a covered chain link pen to a certain height with a concrete floor for the dog (I believe this was suggested last fall and she didn't comply). The dog may never be off leash. Signs must be posted around the property stating there is a dangerous animal (I'm not sure if it's just "Beware of Dog", or something more descriptive...). If the dog is caught at large again, it will be euthanized. Her fines from the county are close to $1500 dollars - dog attack, animal at large, un-nuetered animals without permits, inadequate housing... Apparently Buncombe County gives the accused the option of waiving some or all of the fines, IF they pay the victim's vet bills. So, she could avoid the fines if she gave me $400. That would be extremely neighborly of her... eh, hum. If for any reason she fails to comply with the orders or pay fines/reimburse me, SHE GOES TO JAIL and the dog goes bye bye. I'm not so clear as to what happens to the dog until she complies. It may be kept at the Humane Society, where she will be charged boarding until she completes a new kennel. It sucks to get caught not taking care of your pet, doesn't it?

On the happy dog news front: Biscuit the Wonder Dog was given a clean bill of health last week. With all the other excitement I forgot to mention it. We get to start agility training this week with a new instructor. We also get to attend a seminar in August. I'm very excited and I imagine she will be very naughty.

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