Sunday, July 10, 2005

Harvesting Again

Today I pulled 25 pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes out of the ground. That's about a third of the plants. We're going to be eating potatoes every way we can prepare them. I'm going to try to store them under the house. We're making a mini root cellar in the crawl space this year. We roasted a few tonight for dinner and they were YUMMY. Big Daddy finished pulling all the beets and carrots. The house smells like pickled beets tonight. We also pulled the remaining onions. I've got to make room for more rows of beans. There's a tub with at least 15 pounds of carrots on the back porch. What to do? What to do? I'm thinking about lots of carrot cake that I can freeze then take to the Cathedral's big food booth at the Biltmore Village Art Fair next month. Hmmm...

I squeezed in a bike ride after our daily thunderstorm this afternoon. It was really more akin to swimming than biking. The air is thick with water here. I feel sorry for all those people in Hurricane Dennis' path, but I'm glad it's heading west instead of east. We don't need anymore rain. All I ask for is one or two days of no rain. Constant sunshine would be nice, but I'll take clouds. Just no more rain, thank you.

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