Thursday, July 28, 2005

Random Chicken Photo

This is my favorite rooster. I named him Atticus (I had a sort of southern literary theme going with the names...), but Monkey christened him Jack Jack and it stuck. So, this is Jack Jack. He will be staying with the hens as he is a well-mannered gentleman. He likes to have his chin scratched and loves English peas, Japanese beetles and long walks on the beach. Wait a minute, do chickens have chins???

The rest of the lot are headed to life on a free-range chicken farm to live out their days courting and protecting 150 hens. I guess you could call it a chicken Vahalla.

Two roosters are getting their own swinging bachelor pad. Their individual good looks have caught my artist's eye and I can't part with them. They will probably be allowed conjugal visits in the spring, if they behave.


  1. Jack Jack is very purty. Does he get to stay with the chickens to keep them laying eggs? Is that how it works?

  2. They'll lay eggs whether there is a rooster or not. He's not actually "needed". However, he does keep the hens happy and looks out for them alerting them to predators and such.

  3. What a handsome fellow! Is he a Wyandotte?

    I heard that if you don't have a rooster, one of your hens will stop laying and will start bossing the other hens around, because (I suppose) nature abhors a power vacuum. Is that really true, I wonder?

  4. He is a Dominique. I have a couple Wyandotte hens. I'm not sure about the bossy hen thing - but it sounds plausable that there would be a top hen. There is with horses -an animal I'm much more familiar with - (that would be a top mare, not hen...) normally even if there is a stallion. Hmmm...

    I, like nature, abhor vacuumming...Oh wait, that's not what you meant, is it?