Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Pig in the Fridge

As we all know, there is a chicken in the kitchen. She was joined this morning by what has to amount to a whole pig in our fridge. Big Daddy has once again been requested to cook the Epiphany dinner for our church. You see, in reality, North Carolinians know very little about barbeque. It is secretly the transplants to this region who have those mad smokin' skills. Monday, B.D. and a friend who also is originally from Missouri will smoke all those pork butts and turn them into something awesomely good for the end of the week feast. I don't think that barbecue is a traditional Episcopalian Holy Day food, but it keeps the people happy.

In a little while we are heading down to Transylvania County to our friend's summer camp for an evening of festivities to welcome in the New Year. Our friends bought a summer camp. I am extremely jealous. Imagine having your own camp! I spent a lot of summers at camp and spent most of my college years living in a tent or cabin and riding horses for very little pay. What fun. Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with tales of the evening and maybe a few resolutions. Happy New Year to everyone!

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