Thursday, December 22, 2005

La Bûche de Noël

Here it is in all it's glory. The meringue mushrooms were added just before the class party. It was a hit and was pretty tasty. But really, with that much chocolate buttercream how could it not be tasty? Before the bûche was sawed into many pieces we sang French carols (O.K., the mother who is a French teacher and I sang French carols). While we were eating Père Noël visited and left treats in all the children's shoes on the porch. Yes, the Christmas party was French themed as the students have been learning about France for the last month or so. I thought it was rather inspired of Monkey's teacher to take on a French Christmas.

Today is the start of Monkey's holiday break. We made sugar cookies in the shape of Christmas trees and mittens together. I rolled the dough, she cut the shapes, and we both decorated with colored sugar and dragees. Monkey ate an abnormal amount of silver dragees. I hope they don't adversely affect her in any way... Big Daddy is coming home from Virginia tonight. Monkey and I have been working on a dinner of chicken soup and a loaf of fresh bread.


  1. Beautiful! I had no doubt that it would be delicious. What lucky kiddos. :)

  2. Ditto what Liz said! Awesome.