Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Small Winter Feast

Today I made some beer bread (or to be more specific Highland Gaelic Ale Bread) loaded with sharp cheddar and rosemary. It went great with a dinner of roasted chicken, green beans and a wild rice and pecan pilafy thing. It was oh-so-perfect for today's cold weather. The chickens even went to bed early; heading for their roosts before 4:00 p.m.

We have an ice storm warning for tonight through tomorrow. I think I would prefer snow. Ice means our power may go out. Luckily we have water stored (no power, no pump for the well). We have plenty of cookies and leftover chicken. If the power goes out we'll just huddle around the fireplace in our -40 sleeping bags and roast marshmallows!

I hope the weather isn't too bad tomorrow. I need to get more raspberries for my raspberry truffles and the only place I've found nice ones is at Fresh Market, clear on the other side of town. The first batch is almost gone thanks to Big Daddy and Monkey. I also gave quite a few away. They only last a few days. What can be better than a raspberry enveloped in a Chambord-laced ganache? Not much.


  1. That sounds like an incredible feast! Beer bread with cheddar and rosemary...sigh.
    Hope you don't get too much ice...that's the worst kind of winter weather.

  2. We didn't suffer too bad from the ice - just a snow day.