Friday, April 22, 2005

Random Thoughts on Friday

Because it is raining.

My daughter is becoming a southerner in speech. As we pulled up along side of a big ol' pickup truck. She rolled down her window and from her carseat hollered, "Hey Boy!" to the man driving. He said, "Hey there, Darlin'" and they started up a conversation.

To the woman driving the utterly impractical and slightly ugly Lincoln Navigator who was following me yesterday while I was following the road grader down a winding two lane road: If the only thing I can see is the grill of your car from the rear view mirror of my practical yet sporty Honda CRV, you are following too close. I realize we live in theHeart of NASCAR, but my draft is not going to help you when we are only going 15 miles an hour.

A sign of my relationship with my daughter. She now asks her favorite new question (WHY?) the following way. "Why because I said so?" I'm not sure if that is a good thing.

Something seems wrong with this. I spotted this truck for the second time in Asheville. On one side of the bumper is a sticker proclaiming the driver as a "Proud Son of the Confederacy", on the other side a bumper sticker reads "America - Love It or Leave It". I'm almost certain that the driver sees no conflict. Although, it seems to show a certain lack of historical knowledge.

Our neighbors have taken down the Confederate flag, Copenhagen Tobacco and Parking for Confederates Only (Yankees Go Home) signs from the oak tree in their front yard. How will anyone find my house now?

I ate the first radish out of my garden last night. Pulled it out of the ground. Brushed off the dirt. Ate it right there. Ate it whole. Bliss.

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